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Humane Cattle Pen and Corral Plans

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Feed Yard

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Humane Livestock Handling explains animal behavior principles to reduce stress. Contains layouts of corrals for ranches, feedlots, and meat plants.
Mark Deesing and Temple Grandin

Deesing Cattle Pen & Corral Designs

Deesing Livestock Handling Systems, and Farm Designs, Inc., is an international design and consulting company specializing in handling system design and animal behavior consulting based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. We combine construction engineering and principles discovered by animal behavior research to ensure the humane treatment of all livestock, wildlife, and zoo species. Our specialty is corral pens for cattle, bison, and pigs.

Animal welfare has “come of age” recently as one of the worlds great movements of social change. In cattle production systems, attention to animal welfare, and specifically humane handling methods are known to improve weight gain, reduce sickness and injuries, improve meat quality, improve food safety, and increase economic returns. In order to increase consumer confidence, a proactive approach to animal welfare concerns should be forefront in your planning and management strategies.