Cattle Handling Systems Designer

Mark Deesing
Cattle Handling Systems Designer and Consultant

mark deesing

Mark Deesing began his career in the livestock industry as a farrier and horse trainer. In 1993 he met Temple Grandin. They first began to work together in research and writing projects. They co-authored three books together; “Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals” 1st, 2nd Editions (Academic Press, 1998/ Elsevier 2014, 2021), and “Humane Livestock Handling” ( Storey Publishing, 2008). Mark and Dr. Grandin pioneered work using facial hair patterns to predict temperament and fertility in cattle, and published several referred journal articles on their findings.

In 2000, Dr. Grandin began to teach Mark cattle handling design principles. This was the beginning of a 20 year career designing facilities. As a design consultant for Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc., Mark designed hundreds of handling facilities for all types of livestock, as well as wildlife and zoo species. He’s travelled around the country and the world visiting ranches, feed yards, and packing plants consulting on design of new facilities, troubleshooting problems in existing facilities, and working with producers on improvements in handling practices and cattle welfare. In 2020, Mark retired from Grandin Livestock and began private consulting as Farm Designs, Inc. He does his design and drafting work in Northern Colorado, and continues to stay active in the horse industry. 

Worked as a custom cattle pen designer for Temple Grandin’s company Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc., for over 20 years. Pioneered  research in cattle and horse behavior during that time, published scientific journal articles and 2 books; “Humane Livestock Handling” and “Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals” (1st & 2nd Editions). Experienced in animal welfare auditing and monitoring programs.

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