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Concrete wall construction was used throughout this medium sized plant in Northern California. A raised concrete walkway around the outside radius of the curved lane and crowd pen, and on the inside radius of the single file chute. The walkway is 42″ down from the top of the fence, and reduces walking distance for handlers.


Solid concrete wall construction requires very little maintenance. In this plant, steel posts were set for the gates, then the floor was poured and grooved. Reinforcing bars were set when the floors were poured to support the concrete wall and forms. The raised platform was poured last. Fill dirt was used to fill the space in the platform and a 4 inch thick concrete pad was poured. The raised platform was 42 inches down from the top of the 66 inch high solid fence The three most important principles when designing facilities for cattle are; Solid sided fences in high use areas like the curved lane and crowd pen. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps them calm. Deep groove concrete floors also keeps cattle calm, and gives them confidence waking through the facility. Curved fences promote forward motion and make cattle think they’re going back where they came from. Curves also prevent abrupt corners or chutes that appear dead-ended.

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