R/F-4 Drawing


Cattle coming across the border from Mexico undergo health checks and vaccinations before entering the U.S. At peak times, thousands of cattle are gathered at this facility for inspection. After treatment in the squeeze chute, cattle can be precisely sorted into 6 sort pens. The center pen serves as an outlier pen. The double Bud Box system at the top is for overflow.


This high speed facility located on the border of Mexico and the U.S. is a gathering point for young cattle preparing to cross the border into Texas. The main curved facility has a 7-way sorting system where the cattle are weighed, sorted by sex, vaccinated, and grouped in pens of similar animals. During the peak season, the Bud Box systems are also used for vaccinations and identification. The main alley ties into the main feed yard pens on one side, and access to large pastures on the other. A second facility is used for shipping after all the cattle are inspected. All the posts in the pen fence and alleys are on 8 foot centers. The posts in the curved fence on 4 foot centers. The grooved concrete floors must be deep for cattle. The book has good tips for concrete, and illustrations for the grooving tools. This facility was designed with solid sided fences beginning in the curved alley, crowd pen, and single file chutes. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps animals calm. All the posts in the alleys and pens on 8 foot centers. The posts in the curved fence are on 4 foot centers.

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