R/F-3 Drawing


Another basic ranch handling system. Cattle are received. shipped, handled for treatments or vaccinations, and AI and other breeding procedures are done in the squeeze chute. A covered work area with a concrete floor, washable walls and drains for waste water are important considerations for breeding facilities where cleanliness is essential.


This basic curved handling system is a compact design for small feed yard processing, or for a ranch handling and sorting system. The loading ramp for the large truck can be turned straight. The steps are 3-1/2 inches high by 12 inches wide. 14 steps are required to rise to the level of the cattle truck trailer. It’s good practice to install a self-aligning dock bumper on the end of the concrete dock (details in book). The self-aligning dock bumper prevents a gap between the truck and the dock when the truck is not backed in straight. All the posts in the pen fence and alleys are on 8 foot centers. The posts in the curved fence on 4 foot centers. The grooved concrete floors must be deep for cattle. The book has good tips for concrete, and illustrations for the grooving tools. This facility was designed with solid sided fences beginning in the curved alley, crowd pen, and single file chutes. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps animals calm. All the posts in the alleys and pens on 8 foot centers. The posts in the curved fence are on 4 foot centers.

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