R/F-2 Drawing


Basic ranch or feed yard handling system with pens for sick cattle, or calving. On a feed yard the pens have been used for sick pens, and the cattle were vaccinated in the squeeze chute and returned to the sick pens after treatment. The loading ramp can be curved to the left, curved to the right, or straight. Grooved concrete is used in all the curved fence areas.


This popular system has been used in both ranches, and as a feed yard processing system. The two holding pens have a capacity of 150 cattle. The main drive alley where cattle enter can also hold cattle if necessary, or cattle can be sorted in this alley by using the calving pen/sick pens to sort cattle in. Sorting cows and calves is necessary before the cows go into the curved system and the squeeze chute. Calves can be trampled in close quarters if the cows get nervous. The loading chutes and the truck ramp curve in this plan. Ramps can curve to the left, to the right, or straight. The grooved concrete floors must be deep for cattle. The book has good tips for concrete, and illustrations for the grooving tools. This facility was designed with solid sided fences beginning in the curved alley, crowd pen, and single file chutes. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps animals calm. All the posts in the alleys and pens on 8 foot centers. The posts in the curved fence are on 4 foot centers.

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