R/F-1 Drawing


A steep hill on one side and a creek on another side restricted access to this basic working facility. A stock trailer chute comes off the side crowd pen. Cattle are moved to the gathering pen, then into the 12′ cattle alley where the gate was shut. After treatment in the squeeze chute, the cattle exit back into the gathering pen.


Mid-west states like Ohio have many small cow /calf ranches with 20 or 30 pairs. A small, affordable facility like one this made it possible for the ranch owners to manage his cows and calves easily, with very little help. The covered work area has a roof and open sides. A small dog house structure holds the hydraulic pump and motor outside the building to reduce noise. Cows were trained by walking them through the crowd pen and squeeze chute twice before treatments were necessary. This made first experience positive and left a good impression on the cows as a safe place. Good handling is possible even in minimal facilities when time is spent training. The grooved concrete floors must be deep for cattle. This facility was designed with solid sided fences in the alley, crowd pen, and single file chutes. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps animals calm. The pen fence in this facility was built using continuous fence panels.

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