R-6 Drawing


In this plan a standard Bud Box system has been modified to include a funnel into single file rather than an abrupt entrance. The Bud Box holds about five cows, and the single file chute holds 5 cows. Best practice is to only put as many cattle in the box as fits in the single file chute.


An extremely restricted space facility on a ranch in Colorado. The Bud Box holds about 5 to 6 cattle. After the first cow is coaxed into single file, the rest follow and the back-stop gate prevents them from backing out. One 4′ gate in the single file chute is used to direct cattle into the loading ramp for a large truck, or the second 4′ gate directs them into the stock trailer chute. There was just enough room at the end of the single file chute for a full sized hydraulic squeeze chute. This facility utilizes the three most important principles; Solid sided fences in high use areas like the curved lane and crowd pen. Cattle fear only what they can see. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps them calm. In this facility, solid sided fences were very important. Deep grooved concrete floors keep cattle calm, and give them confidence to walk through the facility. The last principle is curved fences. Curves make cattle think they’re going back where they came from, and smooth out any 90 degree turns and dead ends that make cattle balk, and takes advantage of their natural tendency to circle.

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