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An Angus breeder in Kentucky needed a facility allowing him to manage his cattle alone when necessary. Handling facility, loading chutes, single file chute, and three sorting pens made up the handling area, and the pens on the opposite side are for spring calving and sick cow pens. Cattle management was possible for the rancher in this small facility.


A Kentucky Angus breeder needed a small, compact facility that he could use alone if needed. The calving barn/sick pen was also used for horses. The truck ramp and stock trailer has deep grooved concrete floors to prevent cattle from falling on concrete floors. Deep grooved concrete was used in all curved fence areas, and where cattle were likely to fall, like the exit area from the squeeze chute. Three important considerations when designing facilities for cattle are; Solid sided fences in high use areas like the curved lane and crowd pen. Blocking vision with solid fences keeps them calm. Deep groove concrete floors also keep cattle calm, and gives them confidence to walk through the facility. The last principle is curved fences. The last principle is curved fences. Curves make cattle think they’re going back where they came from, and takes advantage of their natural tendency to circle.

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