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Three days of treatment for sick cattle in feed yards is common. For each of the three days, cattle receive treatments in the squeeze chute. Large sick pens are important for hygiene and cattle comfort. A loafing shed in each pen provides shade, and troughs provide clean and plentiful water.


Large sick pens are important for hygiene and cattle comfort. On day #1, cattle are moved to the hospital handling system, treated in the squeeze chute, then place in pen #1. Treatment is repeated on day two and the cattle move to pen # 2. Same on day three to pen # 3, then the cattle are returned to home pen. Twenty to thirty cattle can be moved from each pen into the alley and crowd pen. From there, three or four animals at one time move into the single file chute. Each of the holding pens is 4320 square feet, enough room to keep 40 cattle at 100 sq ft per animal. The posts in the curved fence on 4 foot centers. The grooved concrete floors must be deep for cattle. The book has good tips for concrete, and illustrations for the grooving tools. This facility was designed with solid sided fences beginning in the curved alley, crowd pen, and single file.

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