DOWNLOAD: 24 Detailed Construction Drawings


Complete your plan drawing with this folder of 24 detailed elevation drawings. The package includes; Loading Ramp with Level Dock, Solid Fence with Man Gate, Fence with Belly Rail, Slide Gate, Fence to Fence Wide Gate, Drop Latch, Grooved Concrete, Channel Iron Hinge, Horseback Latch, Block Gate Slam Latch, Slide Gate Square Tubing, Straight Sided Single File Chute, V-Shaped Single File Chute, V-Shaped, Back Stop Gate, Palpation Gates, Self-Aligning Dock Bumper, Drop Latch, Curved V-Chute Post Layout, Crowd Pen Ratchet Latch, Loading Ramp, Cross Section, and Grooved Concrete Cross Section. All drawing measurements are in Metric and Standard. The details in this package are all you need to complete your facility construction.

The drawings are in PDF format and Auto Cad on request