Temperament Traits and Hair Whorls

hair whorls examples

FOLKLORE AND SCIENCE History is full of examples of cultural knowledge lost by one culture, then re-discovered by another culture, then lost again, only to be discovered later by someone else. Facial hair whorls in animals may be one example. Folklore in Asia For thousands of years, Chinese folklore used facial features and hair whorls […]

The Importance of Non-Slip Floors for Cattle

Grooved concrete for cattle handling

Falling on Concrete Causes “Un-seen” injuries in Cattle “Falls” on slippery floors are criteria measured during Humane Handling Audits in U.S. and E.U. Slaughterhouses. According to the AMI (American Meat Institute) Guidelines, 1% or fewer falls where the body touches the ground are acceptable, more than 1% is not OK, and 5% or more indicates […]